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4 Workshop Router Secrets

Like when you want to have the best router table, you will read many router table reviews from the famous websites like woodworkingbuddy. If you would like to be a great woodworker, my 4 workshop router secrets are pretty essential for you.


move to the right

The largest mistake of most beginner woodworkers is to advance their router model in the not correct direction. Actually, it is easier to practice the right ways than explaining it. However, here is how to do:

First of all, keep in mind always moving the router against the bit’s rotation so that the bit can cut into your work, give you full control over your model. In case you advance your model in the same direction as the rotation of the bit, it is going to work along the wood’s edge & you must fight for keeping control.

When you look straight down at the top of your model, the bit will rotate in a clockwise direction (moving your router from the left to right side). However, it is important for you to determine that your router is placed between the wood and you.

For instance, in case you are routing the board’s edges, you will move the machine from left side to right side across the closest edge to you. However, once you rout its opposite edge, you will advance your router from right side to left side across the farthest edge away. That is because now the wood is in the middle, not your router. Your router is moving from right to left side in that position, however, it is exact to cut against the bit’s rotation.


be the co pilot

Utilize router bit suited with the ball-bearing pilot is one of the safest and best methods to start routing. When the bearing rides along the wood’s edge, it’s really effective to keep the bit in control & on course. You can ready to rout after setting the cut’s depth simply. To work, you don’t need to attach the edge guide to the straightedge fence or the router. The bearing alone can make sure your bit cuts to the suitable width. It seems to be all of the trimming and edge-shaping bits are available with ball-bearing pilots which include flush-trimming, rabbeting, chamfer, Roman ogee, and rounding-over.



When you have mastered the basic routing ways, you can make a correct milling one by means of equipping the router with straight-cutting and guide bushing bit. Simply, the guide bushing – aka template guide is a steel collar mounting onto the base of the router. A short steel tube through that your bit extends is the thing protruding from the collar. The guided tube along the template’s edge allows you to cut board quickly any shapes or sizes. Below is how to utilize a guide bushing:

Begin by means of cutting a template to the shape out of hardboard, MDF or plywood as desired. While creating a template, let you take into account the offset between the bit’s cutting edge and the bushing’s outside edge; a distance about 3/16. Moreover, you must ensure that sand completely smooth the edges of the template. Or your bit may transfer any imperfection to the wood.

Remember to clamp the template in place before advancing the machine into the wood. Make sure that keeping the guide bushing pressed as tight as possible against the template’s edge. It is very helpful for you to rout curved and irregular shape by a guide bushing; cut mortises & hinges precisely. You are able to purchase a guide bushing personally, however, to save, you ought to buy a multi piece set.


claim your door price

To build a traditional frame-and-panel cabinet door, you have to always have a router. The rails and stiles forming the frame of the door are joined each other with sticking joints and tight-fitting coping. The raised panel of the door has beveled edges fitting into the frame parts’ shallow grooves cut. Because of just being assembled with glue, all the joints of the frame have to be milled correctly for the fit parts together. To cut these joints, the router tool is an option. Obviously, to make sure safety of users while making the cuts, a router table is a must-have. Raised-panel bit is sold individually and rail-and-stile bit is sold in set. Furthermore, you are able to purchase cabinetmaking set including all 3 bits.

My name is Henry J.Mosley, I live in the suburbs of Dallas Texas and I’ve recently retired and sold off my router table business. My wife and I have 2 kids that are all old enough to be out of our hair for now. Interesting stuff, I know, but I with so much time on my hands I’ve decided to share my industry knowledge online to give me a project to work on and try to help some people out. Enjoy!

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