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Handwashing Is Harmful To The Finish Of Car: University Of Texas Study

Hand car washing is very harmful to the car’s finishes:

According to tests about surface disturbances of the University of Texas, the single home hand car washing is able to create extra scratches penetrating a 1/10 depth of the paint’s total thickness. The test results at this University have proven over 10 years ago by the Technical University of Munich, Germany. At the same time, Mercedes-Benz which is associated with that test showed that once you utilize detergent or low water volume in sponges, buckets of water, hose nozzles at home commonly & towels utilized in the average home car even the best car wash soap, the similar damages will appear. hand wash car Specifically, the University of Texas’ next scientific tests showed that home hand wash on a car may create a lot of marks on the finish of your car even you can’t count all. The tests showed that in all surface reflectance readings stably, hand washing temperatures declined with a few hand washing ways. It is worse than other ways considerably.

  • Conversely, once your vehicle is cleaned by a professional service car wash,there is almost no change in shine readings or surface reflectance.
  • These tests also proved that the average backyard hose can’t supply enough amount of water along with detergent action for avoiding damages the finish.
  • In terms of washing car, the most harmful way is that the special car wash brushes hooking on to the garden hose.
  • You can easily look for them at automotive supply dealers or local hardware shops.

The most destructive thing on your car’s finish is using this kind of brush and the lower water pressure coming out of your garden hose. These tests also proved that how professional car washes work with your car is virtually harmless to your car’s finish. According to studies of the University of Texas, the big amount of water, sophisticated gloss & reflectance meter readings on your car’s new finishes and specialized detergents utilized in professional car washes were almost similar to before & after equivalent of normal washing within many months in only professional car wash.

The best car wash for the finish of your car:

Professional car washes can supply & utilize along with suitable mechanical action and specialized detergents from curtains, cloth pads that the backyard hose & bucket hand car washes can’t provide. The University of Texas performed this interesting & important research. This makes the majority of automobile drivers want to wash their car at a professional car wash in place of cleaning at their own house’s backyard.


Texas results substantiated by Munich Study:

The Technical University of Munich has conducted the impartial scientific comparison test with Mercedes-Benz for establishing the correct ranking of your car’s hand washing against the machine washing relating to damages to paintwork. To perform a really realistic test, use typical family sedans with some hundred miles on the odometer. People stipulate that every car received the equivalent of wash stress in a year approximately 25 washes. Among them, some were washed by hands, others were washed by automatic car equipment.

As I said easier, to perform a realistic test & to provide both  automatic car wash and hand washer something for getting clean, 5 test cars were thoroughly coated with a combination of thawing-salt residue, oily water, under-fender dirt accumulations and street dirt. Under a microscope, this test mixture contained 0.5mm – 1.0mm grit particles that damage the toughest paintwork, in case they are not gotten rid of carefully.

damage the toughest paintwork

The examination :

The available microscopes are used for measuring paintwork damage’s extent but whether you utilize electron microscopy or pure reflecting microscopy, that is just scratches’ visual picture. Thus, a true depth’s comparable measure can’t be achieved. By contrast, an analysis’ way was utilized that might know the correct depth of grooves & scratches, namely, interference-microscopic analysis way. This way let you see a relief map – the glossy surface and all of irregularities. It created an interference & corresponded to the contours.

The distances of band are 0.27 of a thousandth of a millimeter even it allowed the smallest scratches & grooves on gloss to be compared & measured exactly.

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